Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sketches from my other pages

I've been using tumblr and instagram more and more to post my stuff. Its just alot easier than this site. But because I've built up alot of older stuff here, I do want this blog to be a kind of roadmap of how my stuff's change as I change.
So let's post some of them over here! You can check out my Tumblr and Instagram as well!

Eva Dance

... Don't ask.
This was a late late night impromptu animation to relieve stress at that time. Didn't bother finishing it, though I kinda like it as is.

"Neigh Means No" Board Revisions

These panels were part of the short film I was working on during Sheridan student group film. Found these while poking through old files. We had divided portions of the story within ourselves, and did a rough pass. The story beats for the first half were already worked out by my teammates, so I took it and gave another pass through, adding more acting poses, and hooked it up to the last half which I was in charge of.

Its the story of teenage romance, growing pains, and the virginity unicorn who protest all innocence.(He might also just be a goat) You can watch the film here.(We were so noob)

Massive Recap

Because for some reason Blogger lost a whole lot of my past posts, and I can't find a way to fix them, i decided to delete all those faulty posts and repost them into this giant one! (Kinda wishing for Tumblr's ease of formatting pictures in each post)



Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Moa Recovery

I think I’m able to make better gifs now, that’s why this guy is happy. 
This was a fun challenge, figuring out how to get an armless robot upright and ready to fight quickly! Also this is using the very old Moa model cuz I was a little too lazy to update it.

Animated by me, models and characters owned by Digital Extremes

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kubrow Growl State and Attacks

Some growl states and attacks, which got used for the Raksa breeds in game. I just did the animations =)

Kubrow Awaken

I’m going to start sharing some of the animation work I’ve done on Warframe. Here’s a first one to test out if I want these to be videos or gifs; in-game animations for when you wake your kubrow for the first time
I’ve only done the animations, all characters and models belong to Digital Extremes