Tuesday, July 24, 2007

A little Lift

Was reading the Flight Forums last night, and I came across this thread about artists and their confidence. Was real inspiring and enlightening, so I'd thought I share it here. Gotta work hard and make sure I'm not type 2 or 5 haha.

After some down time, I'm gonna finish up a portfolio piece. Will post it up when done =D

Monday, July 23, 2007

Procrastination Central

Ah the lack of updates.

Recently I've been plague by sleepness nights (which resulted in great dreams). My mind and body doesn't seem to wanna work together. In the day when my body's revving to go, the mind gets pulled down with headaches, and at night when I'm about to sleep, my minds racing with ideas and stories, right when my body's too lazy to move. I have to find a way to solve this problem.

Speaking of dreams, I love having them. Without them, I'd probably never go to sleep to begin with. Just last week I had a couple of real interesting ones, interesting enough to pen them down. I won't bore you with details, but my subconcious really gave me a couple of solid characters to work with, as well as a possible story.Yea I really needed it, was actually in a slump days before this dream. The first 2 sketches are what I could remeber vividly.

Also, did abit more doodles for character design. Meh I dun really like it, reminds too much of Calvin (& Hobbs). Didn't intend it to though.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Where was I?

Ha, where have I been...
Ah long story short; Not here =x

Well, lets just move along shall we? Above are some doodles I thought deserve some highlight. Did most of them while stuck in camp. Alot of it are character designs for a project with the Kwan, which actually had been shelved away a long time ago. But something just struck us recently, and we're going at again from a different direction. More will be discussed about it, when its more solid.

I saw a couple of movie just last week, and I think they're in everyone's minds right now. Die Hard 4.0 and Transformers weee! Alot of my friends say Transformers kicked ass, and I agree,seeing(and hearing) the cg 'bots do their thing to the transform sound was just the coolest thing ever. Though I thought more of the story could've revolved round the Autobots (I smell a sequel!)
I dunno, I kinda enjoyed Die Hard more though. 15mins into it and I knew it was gonna be a good ride. Or maybe its just cause I saw it first. But everyone's gotta agree this movie's best viewed without thinking. I mean, how does a tech savvy hacker NOT know there's some C4 hidden in his CPU? Whatever, let the guy explode =D.

Oh, and I just saw the pilot episode for this new mystery series Psych. It's up there with Monk, but the main characters totally flambouyant. He's like this girl watching, fast talking, fake psychic who has an amazing eye for details, and oddly reminds me alot of one of my friends (note the word flambouyant, you know who you are..) Great show, gotta catch it if you have cable.

Alright, is all that enough to cover for the last week? haha

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Keeping it together

Ah, so fast and already lack of updates. Been going back to camp even when I don't need to. Ah enough bitching. Didn't have time time to do some solid stuff so I'm gonna put this old thing I did while watching TV with my bunkmates. You know who you are =D (Just a lil' explanation, the TV was put in a huge cabinet to be hid away from outsiders)
I still need to concentrate on my portfolios though. Too many random drawings, pointless if I can't use them haha

Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm late

Seems like I missed a day haha.

Back to Monday, had to go back camp today, but I have done a few more sketches..these I hoping to paint.
The last 2 are actually fanart for a game I'm wasting my time on, Granado Espada. The character is their Elementalist, or Warlock in other versions. I think they came up with a really great idea..the pants dress..erh thing. Yea, its not really a dress with a gaping hole, its actually shorts, with a dress around. Apparantly I'm not doing it much justice, but you should check out their character designs at their site. Will definately have to tweak the legs on her >.>. She kinda looks like a flamingo on one foot haha.