Monday, July 2, 2007

I'm late

Seems like I missed a day haha.

Back to Monday, had to go back camp today, but I have done a few more sketches..these I hoping to paint.
The last 2 are actually fanart for a game I'm wasting my time on, Granado Espada. The character is their Elementalist, or Warlock in other versions. I think they came up with a really great idea..the pants dress..erh thing. Yea, its not really a dress with a gaping hole, its actually shorts, with a dress around. Apparantly I'm not doing it much justice, but you should check out their character designs at their site. Will definately have to tweak the legs on her >.>. She kinda looks like a flamingo on one foot haha.


Anonymous said...

Ok... wahahaha.
Good to see you started a blog. Got your inspiration from the Jeff Matsuda blog I believe? =P


Darryl Kee said...

Aha, nah, there's ALOT of art blogs out there. Too many to mention already, but yea, I guess I'm just following suit.