Thursday, October 11, 2007

The progress so far

Yea I know I've not been updating. Truth is, I kinda think my sketches aren't really worth posting anyways.
I do have some of my portfolio peices I wanna put up, but they're in A3, and my puny A4 scanner refuses to work with them.
So until i get them resized for submission, which I'm holding on til I get more out, this blog probably won't see them for a while.

Looking back, I've burned through 4 full sketchbooks since July, which may not mean much to most better artists, but it's probably the most I've drawn within 3 months ever. There have been improvements, which I've yet to document on this blog, but meh, I need to improve more. This is kinda where I'm feeling right now. (Copper comic by Kazu Kabuishi)

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Sunny said...

Monty Oum should be your idol if he isnt already is haha. Good shit, check it out. When's the outing