Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Down from the mountain

The last few months for me was intense. A rollercoaster ride of events that really made my psyche a total mess. I'm still on that ride. Hmm, where to start.

The short story is that I had ALOT of hard decisions to make concerning my current and future situation, most which kept returning to make me re-evaluate them. What's left is me feeling like a player who forgot to save a game a few levels into the final boss. The 'what ifs' and 'why nots' haunting me like a bad cold.

Hmm, I'm probably just being too melodramatic. Oh well..

My portfolio deadlines are approaching, and I'm pretty much done. It doesn't feel the same when you're not rushing to meet the deadline, like you could do more in the remaining time. But I'm not complaining, it feels better than the manic rush. I definately think I can do better, but not in the short period of time that's left.

That said, its not like I didn't try. The following are the stuff that didn't quite make it into my folio. All in glorious roughs and half-dones.

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sun said...

join the legion of dead blogs! gahhhh