Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Here's something

I don't really like to show my sketches, mainly cuz they're really rough and out there, and the bulk of my sketchbooks are mostly studies and copies. Just me trying to learn. Plus, most people don't seem interested when looking through them either. But this blog has been neglected far too long, so I have to post something. These are 'people-sketching' (coined by a friend) from various places.


dubeta said...

AHHH a Darryl Kee update, my summer is complete!

Dude your sketches are thrilling, you have got such a good eye for movement and pose, and you keep things nice and loose. I like the scowly square-jawed man in the airport sketches page especially.

I think what you interpret as disinterest is a reaction to an over-saturation of such lovely, quick gestures: I can only see so many before I want to fight you and steal your powers.

Eva Zhou said...

Yeah! You updated!! Awesome stuff, Karryl =D I like your beach people stalking, it is wonderful!!