Saturday, March 23, 2013

Time Travel!

What?! Its been more than a year?!
Sorry for not updating, and there really isn't any excuse. I mean, I didn't even post my film here! What?
The past year for me have been a whirlwind of events and experiences, and I guess I got caught up in life (and other media outlets?)

I will be updating a reel soon, and i'm quite excited to show what I've been fortunate to have worked on, but for now, i should REALLY send a link to my film. Should have done this long ago. All this time, it just never occurred to me that my blog and Vimeo account were never linked!

Chewy! from Darryl Kee on Vimeo.

My thesis film from Sheridan. Traditionally animated by me in Flash. Big thanks again to Dani Gosselin, Margaret Perrie and Kaitlin Sutherland, real talented ladies who helped me colour my animation! As well as everyone back in Sheridan who helped me shape this film one way or another =)

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Kirsten Whiteley said...

Still Awesome Darryl! Nicely Done :)