Friday, September 7, 2007

Back to (Home)School

Yea, been going back to relearn how to draw. Just wasn't happy with what I produced so far.
Been doing a whole lot of life drawings, nothing but it in fact. Bought a new book called Force by Michael D. Mattesi. Real great dynamic life drawing book which really opened my eyes. Will post stuff when I get a firmer grip on it.

Anyways, after a few weeks of execises,I kinda got a little bored and just started to just doodle, like the good ol' days. Eventually, the doodles grew to become concepts for the project with the Kwan. I showed him a few, which he liked, and asked me to just continue what I was doing.
I'm not complaining, its really fun to just wander with a pencil, brings back why I wanted to do animation in the first place.Of course, being slightly better with a pencil than I was back then really helped, lol. Eh, the doodles are above, for you beautiful people =)

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