Monday, September 17, 2007


This is the result of my 'training' so far. Hmm, not there yet, but I can feel it. That first picture is something from work. Just a little concept, but I think it kinda sums it up.
Its come to my attention that the average male anatomy really bites. One word -

I think a good percentage of men have them. Sure, fun to draw, gives a little handle on character, but honest to goodness dang hideous to look at. Almost makes me want to execise, well, almost. Thank goodness for metabolism.
I'm not sure if girls have them though. Maybe they do and we pass them over thinking, 'Maybe she's pregnant!'

I dunno, I think I might've been a little mentally scarred.


Anonymous said...

Good job Darryl!
You've just made me feel like want to practise and work harder on my drawings. =D


Anonymous said...

Nice Work~ Keep it up!- Hanxin